Killing Time


12 pointer
Aug 22, 2006
You can't get there from here.
I can sit all day as long as I can stand up here and there I love to sit all day and just take it all in
I stand more than I sit on an all day hunt. I try to not play on my phone much but checking football scores and having plenty to drink and eat helps.
Coffee knocks off the chill or the drowsy after lunch feeling....and seeing deer doesn't hurt to pass the time either.


Oct 14, 2022
Smithfield, KY
I suffer from terrible impatience after about three hours. Really around 2.5 hours, lol. Sitting on stand past 10 am in the morning is my goal, but I can rarely stomach it. Got a good wakeup call this fall, though - I had gotten out of the blind at 09:53 am and my camera captured a coyote walking by at 09:58 am. I woulda shot that coyote. So I vowed to stay until 11... two days later, I shot an 8-point at about 10:20 am.

For me, it's a matter of being warm enough and comfortable enough. I need to stretch regularly to keep the bones happy-ish. To pass the time, I do enjoy just looking around in the woods, but I also like to scroll facebook or read a good book.


6 pointer
Aug 11, 2016
I can and have sat in a box stand all day, but not in a lock on or ladder stand. Being comfortable is the key for me to be able to stick it out. I can't pace myself and usually eat all my food by midday and starve until dark.


Jan 19, 2004
Greenup, ky, USA.
The comfort of today's saddles and stands has changed things drastically for me. I remember sitting in lock on stands with a seat made of angle iron with foam insulation on it. Talk about hard ass, if you all day sits in those mothers, you was Philo Beddoe tough. Come about 9:30 you'd be numb from the waist down.


12 pointer
Jul 14, 2014
I have always been intrigued by those who consistently are able hunt from dark to dark. On the very few occasions I have attempted it ,it feels like torture. I have no doubt that the tactic is a sound one and that many deer are killed by people who can sit all day.
Here is the question. What do you DO? Do you focus on deer all day? Play on your phone? Pray,eat , listen to music? How do you pass the time on all day sits.
I am asking because I am probably going to Alberta this year and will have to sit all day for however long it takes. Please advise.
I normally hunt from sunrise to around 11:30 am. Then again from 1:00 pm until sunset.


10 pointer
May 1, 2014
I hunted with an old man years ago in Ohio that took a old lawn chair, thermos of coffee and a bag of sandwiches and snacks out into the woods. He would sit all day in his favorite place and eventually a monster buck would show up and he would take a shot with the old long barreled pump 12 gauge he hunted with. He never did connect but he always seen deer. Always wished I had that much patience. He's dead and gone years ago but the memories will last forever!