KTBA February shoot


12 pointer
Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
Had a great turnout today, something like 45 people. Weather a bit nippy at first, but sunny skies prevailed!
Shot 2 rounds myself, and saw some familiar old faces.
Health app says i walked 5.1 miles today, and i believe it !
Thanks a bunch for all that participated, anf especially for those that pitched in and helped.


10 pointer
Feb 14, 2003
Randy, as always, thank you all for a great program! That makes two excellent shoots this year and both with a surprising volume of shooters IMO. Already looking forward to the March shoot! Jimmy did a great job on the burgers as well!!

Carp, not trying to analyze Grinder's comment there but is there a hidden message in "old faces"? Lol!
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