Ky Tradfest 2022 in pictures


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May 12, 2016
Corbin, Ky
I notice it always goes to food with you Carp! Went and got him to give the blessing on the saturday night feast, thinking maybe, just maybe he could perform his ordained duties , sermon us a little and maybe try and save some souls. Before he even began, he eased towards the start of the food line. Before he was done with “Amen”, he kicked a big guy in the knee, knocked an old lady down, and stepped on a kid, all 3 were between him and the first dish !
You know my weakness!


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Dec 1, 2004
Paris Ky
I’m trying not to like Sandman after he laid a royal whooping on us. But then he let us sleep in a warm camper, and cooked some some awesome food, how can you not like a feller after that!
Thanks for the comments Carp. I'll take them as complements as long as you don't start clapping like a clown about my cooking so you don't have to. I heard that was common behavior amongst some in the group.
I didn't exactly lay a whoopen on you either. I think for an older fellar that adjust his sights by pushing your chin up and your nose down you held your own pretty good. Now if you could only teach the other how to do that we wouldn't have to spend so much time behind the targets.


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Feb 14, 2003
Imready to doaway with the American Roud. 5 people shot it. Not worth the effort setting it up.
Grinder, until just a few shoots ago, I didn't know what the "Smoker Round" even was. With that being said, what is the "American Round". Can you explain?


12 pointer
Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
Its a competition started here in America back in the early 1800’s. All the great archers of the olden days shot it. It was Americas version of the old ‘York Round’ the english shot for hundreds of years. It had 100 yard shots.
I have a book that shows the scores that Horace Ford, Saxon Pope, Art Young, even Howard Hill shot. Pretty intresting reading.
Now days theychanged the scoring slightly but the old days perfect score would be 810 points ( bullseye scored as 9. Now its a high score of 900, so modern day its called the ‘900 Round’

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