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Nov 17, 2007
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If you insist...

I bought into the hype and got myself a crossbow a couple of years back. It actually forced me to spend more time in my blind than hunting. Heavier and more awkward than a bow for walking the woods. Considerably slower for follow-up shots, noisier than my bow by a significant amount and really doesn't extend the ethical range by enough to offset the negatives. My crossbow (nothing fancy) leans in the corner collecting dust in favor of my compound bow.
So... if he's a corn pile killer from a blind, it could be good. But if he's going to be a mobile hunter, I would suggest a bow.
Aside of that, he's 13 and if he's anything like my 3 nephews he'll be chasing girls and sports more than deer.
Lots of schools have archery programs these days, or clubs with 3D shoots and crossbows aren't welcome.
I have 3 nephews that I took deer and turkey hunting regularly and once they hit their freshman year, it got harder and harder to keep them interested.
That’s been my experience to a tee but I bought back when horton was the only game in town and ive been eyeballin one of them $2-3k xbows. Right before i pulled the trigger i came to my senses and bought a new bow.


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Sep 29, 2015
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For a budget friendly crossbow, for anyone, I'd look to the Barnett XP series. I have 3 xbows, 2 Killer Instinct and a Barnett XP 370. Both KI's I've had micro limb delamination and I had new limbs shipped to me immediately after contacting them, customer service was great, my local archery shop put the new ones on and it cost me $20 for their labor.

No issues in 2 years from the Barnett, it's lighter and has a Trigger-Tech trigger, which is fantastic.

Barnett also makes an XP350 package you can get from Wal-Mart for $228, has the good trigger also.

The Barnett's come with a 3 dot LED scope that isn't my favorite, but works fine. I like a scope with some lower magnification, something like a 4 power illuminated reticle that can be had for cheap.

If you upgrade anything, get some good quality arrows. I shoot Black Eagle Executioners in all my bows and they have performed flawless in all 3 of my crossguns, they'll only run you about $7 each, that's money well spent.

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