Lost deer


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May 4, 2009
Years ago using cap and ball, I shot a buck and he went right down. Having had a conversation with a friend who had a deer get up and run off, I reloaded. I got down and as I was walking toward the deer it jumped up. I shot it again! The first shot grazed the top of spine.
I didn't even reload that was how sure I was, lesson learned though.


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Jun 28, 2012
I've done it with a .30-.378 WBY MAG, on a 80lb doe lol.
Shot and she was pole axed. 5 minutes later I looked in the bean field and she was wobbling around on all fours. 2nd shot did it, but damn.
First shot was above the spine, looked like a shark bit her from the top
I shot one high and you could literally see through the top of her. Saw her go down. Went to look and she had crawled in the biggest mess of briars ever and was just laying their head up frozen still. We had walked all over her. My dad, way better shot than me, put one right between her eyes. Hard to believe she was alive being shot up like that.


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Jun 28, 2012
Hope you find your deer. I’ve witnessed some weird things. Nothings weirder than seeing one go down then finding tons of blood and still not finding it. Seen this happen a few times. No blood at least makes you feel like the deer had a chance. Lots of blood and you always feel like it’s gotta be dead somewhere.


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
I didn't even reload that was how sure I was, lesson learned though.
I did the same thing about 6 or 7 yrs ago shot a 180 or better buck at around 400 yrds dropped like hit with a mack truck! Raised his head once then just laid there, I kept the gun on him for 10 minutes I was so excited o don't think I could of hit within 10 feet of him if I had to.
Picked up my stuff and headed to him and when I got there he was gone!
Couple specks of blood and found a couple more about 100 yrds away.
Took a dog and searched for 2 days nothing.


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Jul 29, 2014
I’ve seen this happen twice. 20 or so years ago I shot a nice 8 point. He feel right down, kicked a few times and then didn’t move. I waited a bit, climbed a fence and headed toward him. About halfway there, he hoped up and into the woods he went. Found a single drop of blood where he had fallen and another about 20 yards away. Nothing else and no deer. My dad had a similar case with a much larger buck. He had just had back surgery and wasn’t getting around great. Shot the deer, dropped him like a rock. Got down and got to his side by side under his stand to get to the deer. When he got there, he deer was gone. Found a few drops of blood but never found the deer. Both I suspect were hit above the spine up above the front shoulders. Shocked the spine but there’s really not much there. Deer will likely have a full recovery.

Look at this picture here. That’s where he was hit. Had him on camera and had been shot during bow season. I killed him later during rifle season.


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Oct 9, 2017
Central ky
Have you all seen the drone recovery guy in Ohio? Seen a bunch of vids of him using the drone and thermal to find em, not always dead and he can show em on the video what it's doing. Interesting.

This will be the next big thing. I read his drone is about 25k. He charges about 500$ to come out and usually dies multiple searches a night. Won’t take long at that kind of money to pay for that drone.


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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County


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Oct 2, 2005
Northern Ky
Have you all seen the drone recovery guy in Ohio? Seen a bunch of vids of him using the drone and thermal to find em, not always dead and he can show em on the video what it's doing. Interesting.

I listened to him being interviewed on WorkingClassBowhunter podcast. Very interesting. Hes ex amish an flies his own plane. He videoed for whitetail adrenaline for awhile. His youtube is Drone deer recovery. Its a good listen
Dec 26, 2003
Van Buren, Ohio
Shot a 11 point at 9:10 this morning. 111 yards from me immediately dropped all 4 legs straight out and death kick. Watched a spike walk out of the field took it 4-5 minutes deer not moving went to pack all my stuff and recover. Looked up once everything was put up and the deer was gone. All kinds of hair but found 0 blood. Did a back and forth search over the hill where I would've though it went to and didn't find no sign of deer. Lesson learned for me, I just hate hunting this many days and first time I switch the safety off all season and couldn't find it. I killed a coyote a few days ago that was 125-130 yards. No clue what happened. I guess I'm hanging it up till next year.
Sorry for your bad luck, keep huntin’ ‘em

Hoosier Sasquatch

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Sep 11, 2017
Madison, Indiana
That could have happened to any of us. That said, I've heard this exact story way too many times from reliable sources. I bet it was stunned, just like stated by others. I consider that sucker alive until I'm standing over it, esp. when it just drops. Never had to do it yet but I've always said if a big one dropped and I can't keep my eyes on it on approach, I'm putting another bullet in it before I get down.