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Nov 17, 2007
Do you typically see persimmon, burr oak, dunstan chestnut, and white oak have good mast on the same year, or opposite, or does it just vary year to year?
I’m trying to plant a mix of trees To attract deer as consistently as possible.

Also are pawpaw trees the only trees you can plan that you don’t have to cage to protect from deer? Deer have bitten my unprotected trees in half and stripped all the bark off to a better stick. (Including chestnuts, white and red oak, and apple trees)
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Stone Branch

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
Burr about 1 out of 4 years, whites maybe every other. Nothing really likes to chew on persimmons. About everything else is going to get rubbed on and chewed on. Throw in some pears and peaches, maybe apples.


JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
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I highly recommend Keifer Pear, they will bear when nothing else does, but they can get killed too.
Most certainly have to protect them for a few years. Long lived trees and the fruit drop over an extended period of time. All Critters will be there.

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