Mast situation?


6 pointer
Feb 3, 2008
Nelson County
Yep that’s a chestnut oak. They seem to grow on poorer, drier high ground. Our family farm is in the knob region and the south facing slopes usually have them. Also, growing up we normally called them “tan oaks”. Don’t know if that was a localized nickname or was more widespread.



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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
All the mast did pretty good around here this time, but I've never seen the persimmons loaded this heavy.
I found heavy shag bark hickory crop in Rowan County near Cave Run but few acorns or smooth bark hickory. I have not been to any of the ground with beech and did not get to hunt at all for the last 4wks due to illness and my wife falling and breaking a leg. Leaves me grounded for a few more weeks. Told her I was going to put corn out in the yard and start hunting out by the garage, lol. The number of squirrels seemed slightly below average but I have not been out that much.

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