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my own land


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May 27, 2016
Some of those competition muzzle brakes are just awful. I have one, makes you want to throw up when someone lights it off beside you.

Must have hit the lottery. I can’t even afford to plink with .22’s anymore.
Me and my buddy were squirrel hunting one day and got into them pretty thick. He had a. 12 and took the running shots I had a .22 and took the stills. He touched that 12 off at ear level about 16 inches away and I thought he shot me for a second 😂


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Mar 22, 2014
Generally, I'd say "sure, have at it!" but I know some areas have specific laws/regulations about whether shooting is allowed. Your profile says Frankfort but doesn't speciify whether within city limits or out in the county. I'd suggest giving the local police a call just to make sure there aren't any laws restricting firearms use in your specific location.
I know some folks that live in a rural subdivision maybe a mile west of the DFW Game farm in Frankfort. Their HOA strictly forbids discharging any firearm. Even though it’s out in the country. Crazy times and getting crazier every day


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Jan 22, 2006
Auburn, KY
Very few if any county ordinances about this but that doesn't keep you from owning every shot fired. Just be smart about it regardless of the law, obviously.


Oct 14, 2022
Smithfield, KY
I used to think if I ever owned land I’d be shooting on it all the time. And then I bought land, 48 acres. Not a huge piece, but not small, and all the neighbors are big chunks of land, too. Great hunting area.

Man, I quickly figured out that I enjoyed the peace and quiet as much as anything, and I reckon my neighbors feel the same. I do a little shooting, and so do they, but it’s no where near excessive. I try to limit to late morning to mid afternoon, too. Sometimes I want to shoot really early or really late, so I do that suppressed.

Kept my membership at Anderson County Sportsman’s Club so I can blast at will, and not worry about being “that” neighbor.

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