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Sep 25, 2002
Savoring the smoke
  1. This thread is to point out new features available to you with the software upgrade. If you discover something new, post it here. I'll continuously edit the first post as a list of features. If you have an issue/request please don't post to this thread. Questions/Issues please post it in this thread

    - You can now tag people in posts. Just type @ and the user name of the person you want to tag. When a member gets tagged they get an alert. Tags are linked to that member's profile.

    - You can like posts now. To see someone's like total, go to their profile.

    - Rich text editor. The rich text editor makes it possible for you to see images, bold, underline, etc without having to preview it. Maybe you are used to BBcode editor. When editing a message, top right of the screen click the UseBBcode button. Looks like a sheet of paper.

    - Multi-Quote. If you want to quote multiple messages, click quote. When you're ready to compose your post hit the Insert quote button and all the messages you want to quote will be there. You can then choose which ones you want to insert.

    - New mobile version. If you visit the site on mobile you will get a mobile friendly version.

    - "Conversations" are the same thing as Private Messages. To delete a message, click leave this conversation.

    - Embedded video. Youtube videos will automatically convert in the body of your post when you post. So do vimeo, facebook, metacafe, liveleak, dailymotion. If an auto conversion doesn't happen for you, try the embedded media button directions which are provided after this sample auto converted video

    Copy and Paste and Drag N' Drop
    Copy and paste or drag and drop photos. Did you know you don't have to upload photos!! Just drag from your computer into your post.

    Media Embed from Facebook
    Media Embed Button. I tested sharing a video that was uploaded to Facebook. With Youtube, I am able to copy and paste the link and it auto converts. With Facebook it didn't work. So I used the Media embed button. Here are the directions

    - On Facebook go to a video you want to share and click the video.
    - On the lower right click "Options."
    - Click "Embed Video."
    - Copy the Link.
    - Now go to the forums and start a thread or reply.
    - When making a post click the Embed Media icon. This icon looks like a film strip
    - Paste your link
    - Voila Your Video is Posted


    - Forum jump is called quick navigation. On the second light green bar. Look for this guy

    - Add a quote without actually quoting someone. Just hit the + button in the toolbar when editing a post.

    - avatars from the old software transferred over, but many will look blurry if they are not sized properly for this site. If your avatar looks blurry, re-upload it. Before you upload it, edit your picture to be 200x200 pixels. Then upload it and it should look much clearer.


Staff member
Sep 25, 2002
Savoring the smoke
This software is completely mobile friendly. Because of this feature, Tapatalk will no longer be available. Note above, if you avatar is blurry, you might need to reload it, after resizing to 200 by 200 pixels

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