New Trucks - Needle in a haystack

High Rack

12 pointer
Dec 21, 2009
in the hills
For two months I have been looking to buy a new truck. Around these parts, getting a 1500 like I want is not going to happen for a while. I can buy 2500's all day long, hell I can't even buy brake pads for the one I got unless it's after market. This is crazy.

Lady Hunter

12 pointer
Jan 12, 2009
Try finding a 2500 with an 8 foot bed.... We ended up having to order one last year. Took almost 6 months to come in but we got what we wanted.

Our son wanted a new Honda. Took 8 months for it to come in & he still didn't get the color he wanted. (He'd have still been waiting if someone ahead of him hadn't refused to accept delivery...)

Good luck!!!