November 17th Roll Call


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Aug 23, 2011
Shot a good one about an hour ago. BBD. 😁. Couldn’t pass him at 5 yards. Came in about 15 minutes after a doe walked by. Grunting the whole way up the hill. Stopped him. Shot him. And kept on shooting! Anyone who hunts steep hills knows why! After three shots...didn’t go 20. Thankful for the hunt, for the meat to feed my family, and for the blessed farm God granted me to buy 13 years ago. This is only my 3rd bucks I’ve taken off this farm in all that time. Passed a lot of good deer. Rarely does the wind allow me a shot like this one! Praise the Lord.


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Jan 13, 2006
Just.climbed up to overlook a steep hillside and creek bottom. Only saw 4 fawns and a spike this morning before having to join a 10:00 zoom meeting. Hoping for more action this afternoon. Neighbor killed a decent buck this morning about 250 yards from me.


Feb 24, 2015
Cave City
Watched the field for an hour or so this morning. Does & fawns everywhere. 8 at the same time at one point. Not an antler in sight.
Then I went hunting something else since rumor had it that it would be available today. Seems I'm better at hunting bourbon than I am at hunting deer!


Saw Blanton'$ in Florida average price over $200. Couldn't believe it. Nice find!!


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Oct 28, 2013
I’m up in Caneyville. Been here sense noon. Had a doe come in around 1:30 with a spike hot on her tail. Nothing sense.

Currently trying to day dream of my toes being in warm sand on the beach or a hot tub but it’s not working.


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Nov 17, 2007
Pendleton and Campbell County Ky
Well tonight was exciting. I worked today and hauled ass to get home and quickly jumped in the shooting house. Around 430 A Spike came out, 5 min later, 2 does then a third hung out all the way up till last light. Then the woods exploded. 2 bucks were giving it hell in the thicket to the left of the clearing. (Before they started fighting i though turkey were coming in to roost.) Does cleared out, I couldn’t see anything. I banged some sheds together every time they paused to try to get them to come out but they just kept hammering each other. They finally crossed the clearing grunting up a storm a little higher that the spot that was getting decent light and i just couldn’t see them good enough to take a shot. They were big deer but no idea how big. Fun hunt! But No blood. (Im tempted to hang a stand right in the middle of that thick stuff lol)
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Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Just had a 140 inch clean 10 walk past @ 50 yards. I waited too long too decide whether to shoot and he turned away from me. Still shaking a little! Big enough that I had my scope on him instead of my camera!
Never seen one survive a Texas heart shot yet 😉.

Did a ground sit against a hay bale.
I had a solid 8 come into field about 4:15. He was 175 yards but just not a shooter.

A truck spooked about 20 doe and a small buck in with me right after. All a fair piece.

A doe like I was hoping for finally showed up at 30 yards. She was brown, the broom sage behind her was brown. By the time I got safety off and my rifle swung from in front of to behind me, I couldn’t see my sight, again!!! Watched her pick across the field through rangefinder 🤦.