ocellated turkey hunt


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Oct 1, 2007
Hey guys, going to mexico for the Ocellated turkey March 6-10. How many of you all have been? Getting anxious and excited. Anyone have any stories or want to share their experience from their trip. I don't really know what to expect. thanks


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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
My guide was auriello. Bar tenders keep plenty of corona but they’re the little bottles. Don’t get caught at Merida airport with dip. I had to pay $260 bucks American.
They assign cabins when you get there to where you’re gonna sleep. Better hope you don’t get the one on left as soon as you enter gate to camp. I sweated sleeping. It had an air conditioner but did no good with it being built like a barn. Lol. They also drive fast on gravel rds. Take some kind of gator neck or mask helps to keep breathing so much gravel dust. Auriello was my guide and driver. We had a wreck. Truck in front of us broke ball joint and it was so dusty couldn’t see it till we was right on top and he swerved and my mirror caught ass end of that truck and folded it back and glass cut my hand and arm up and bruised my hand. Lol. I just wrapped it in paper towel. Auriello eyes got big and I told him I was fine.
Manuel found me in camp that night and apologized. I said no big deal. Shit happens. They’re good people. Make sure the bird is 20 yards and in when u shoot. If you’re using the gun I was. Didn’t pattern very good but I killed my bird. He was about 20 yards. I had a damn good time. It was fun. Everybody was real nice. Manuel didn’t like when I told him I had to pay at airport for dip. He said that’s bullshit. Lol. My fault though. I just didn’t know.
You will be fine. You’re goin earlier than I did though. Should be covered up in birds.
It’s unreal the drumming sound they make. Seems twice as loud as birds here. Had one right on me do it. I had to really listen though for the song but once I heard it I was good.
All and all damn gooood time.


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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
I will add this. I don’t know how much ground Manuel lost when I was there. But I’m sure he lost some. Cause that’s what the bar tender guys told us.
There was a Mennonite guy in camp one of those nights eating supper with Manuel and his family at another table.
Bar tender said that Mennonite was moving to Africa with his family along with several other family’s to get new blood line. 🥴
He said Manuel was prolly gonna loose that lease. So I don’t know personally. Just going off what I was told.
But I’m am certain he either got more land by now or something.
You won’t have a problem killing a bird with shotgun.
Now the guy I hunted with on my goulds hunt, hunts with a recurve bow. He’s from Wisconsin. And he already killed a occelated bird prior to killing his goulds with a recurve.
He talked us into going with yukkutz. So me, my buddy, him and another guy from Wisconsin went to kill occelated. Said guy already killed but he wanted to go again. So we went and he’s the only one that didn’t kill in our group. They couldn’t get him a bird to 12 yards.


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Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
thanks ole raspy! Counting down the days now. Will post an update after we make it back to the bluegrass safe and sound
Your passport current?
Sounds like fun. Go through your bags, then go through them again, going and coming, make sure you dont have even one .22 shell.
Saw a flock of 20 Goulds last week in Sonora. May have to go back this spring.

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