Ohio action out of Henderson


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Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
Fished from 9:30- 3:30. Got silvers, buffalo, common carp, grass carp and big head. Could have shot at 500+ silvers but looking for bigheads. We're downtown Evansville where a huge pipe dumps into the Ohio. Buddy turns on his big lights and i bet 100 silvers came out of the water in 5 minutes. We're trying to protect ourselves and kick fish off the deck as fast as they land in the boat. People sitting on the bank were hollering and laughing at us.
Son, who usually chokes on the big fish, stuck a huge bighead, buddy said probably 40 lb and a huge grass carp, 30+. Both pulled off before we could get another arrow in them. Shined his flashlight out across the river one time and I bet there were 1000 fish on top of the water as far as the beam covered. Unreal the numbers of fish.






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Dec 21, 2014
Still in the kitchen Ky
Nice drum 3rd from bottom.
I would like to bowfish like that one day.
Someone needs to come up with a system of scooping those asain carp up when they jump. Two huge catchers nets besides the boat or something. Kill em all.

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