Opening morning


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
I just hope it’s not a hard rain tomorrow going to be in a stand. Yell I been seeing road kills the last two days. Had a picture of a buck chasing a doe this morning.


6 pointer
Oct 13, 2015
its going to be a great opening weekend this is more like deer hunting cant wait till sat. morning get things to gather today ..... good luck to everyone be safe and have a GREAT season!!!!!!


10 pointer
Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
Speaking of road kills, I counted from Florence to Corinth, on 75 down and back, every bit of 30 deer. This was this past Monday too.
It’s crazy you say that. I went from Leitchfield to Nashville and back and took two different routes both times and I bet I seen less than 5. And that was between Saturday morning and Tuesday. The reason I say it’s crazy it because that’s how fast it can change.


10 pointer
Dec 13, 2001
Because it's opening day and first day of a nice cold front I will be in my stand. I normally would wait for the next day with weather like this. Hopefully the deer are on the move.


12 pointer
Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
A deer hunter could not ask for a better weather setup then this weekend coming up,I will be there...


Nov 10, 2022
Burlington, KY
Combining the heavy rain today, chance of snow early in the morning, and activity on cam, pretty excited for the opportunities tomorrow. Haven’t been this amped up for an opening day in a long time. Seems like everything is cooperating. Good luck to all the hunters this weekend! Looking forward to seeing the pictures roll in.