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Overall opinion of 2019 rifle season.


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Dec 17, 2007
Greenup Co.
Just like the last few years. I let several small bucks walk on by, and made a batch of "Tag Stew". I need help getting a buck out of the woods because of my back, and I won't shoot a buck unless it's worth calling for help. I guess I'll try again during late ML season. I thought the last day would be a great day with the rain stopping, until the wind started blowing 20 MPH.....always something.


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Aug 21, 2007
the woods
I did kill a great buck this year but rut activity was very slow. Did see several does and small bucks. Just didn’t see the chasing or seeking for hot does like normal. Mast crop was horrible in my area also. Most guys I know still have a buck tag too. Overall I think one of the poorer years for movement I’ve seen.


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Aug 22, 2006
You can't get there from here.
I believe we saw more chasing and cruising than average. Mostly small bucks but plenty of grunting going on.
Of course that is affected by time spent and my butt was in the stand 10 to 12 days over the last month.


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Jul 29, 2014
We were seeing plenty of deer, just not the quality of bucks we would typically see. Not just during season, but started early summer on cameras and scouting. Had high expectations after the number of quality bucks we were seeing as the season went out last year.


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Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
I still have all my tags. This year seen a lot less deer then last year.
We let a lot of bucks go last year,only one buck killed on the farm last year.
This year ,two bucks killed one 16" 8pt and small basket rack 9pt killed by a son
of one of the guys who hunts the farm.
I let three 15-16" 8pts go this year.Bigger bucks just didnt show up.
Oh well,thats hunting. Its not over yet, still got late black powder.

Whitetail Nut

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Dec 21, 2002
I hunt mainly SEKy and it was tough hunting. We saw very few deer and very little deer sign! Young bucks were aplenty. It hard to figure...


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Dec 1, 2004
Richmond, KY
It was a slow year in Scott County as far as rut goes,only seen 2 chases all year. I did see deer ever sit which is a plus. Overall it was a lack luster year for sure.


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Aug 11, 2016
Not very good for me. Hunted first four days of gun season and saw a few small bucks and very little rut activity. Saw plenty of does and yearlings but little buck movement.


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Jun 28, 2012
Killed 2 does. Let a young 9-10 pt walk that I kind of regret a bit. Saw a big buck Saturday at first light that never gave me a shot. Still looking forward to some bow and ML time. Can’t really complain, I only get to hunt weekends.


Nov 10, 2018
Rowan Co, KY
I hunt NE KY, hunted 10 days, over 80 hrs in stand, area had massive rubs, lots of scrapes and beds. Saw a total of four deer. Passed on a 15-16” 8 point the first Mon and another the first Tues. Saw a 4 that day too then went almost a week until I saw another deer. The Mon before rifle opened I had an 8 push a doe past me at 20 yards while scouting. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out why it was such a tough season here.


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Feb 5, 2004
benton, ky, USA.
Saw a decent amount of deer but the least " rut " activity I remember in years. Saw tons of deer all summer so they are here but just very little movement, hunted in Marshall county btw.


Nov 18, 2019
Owen County
Overall good season for me in Owen Co. Saw a decent amount of chasing, mostly young bucks. Fortunate enough to see one mature buck in rifle range, which was all I needed. Hunting in the snow for a few days in the first week always a bonus.


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Aug 29, 2017
Curious what people thought of the hunting. For me, in eastern Ky, worst rifle season I’ve ever hunted and I’m 37 years old, hunted since I was 12. no rut activity whatsoever and very few sightings. seen very few deer this year. numbers r way down in my area, more than I originally thought after ehd 2 years ago. very disappointed. Tell me what u guys saw overall compared to last couple years

Same here. It was pathetic. I didn't see one chase. There were scrapes, the weather was perfect, yet the few deer i did see were just moping around. I passed some smaller bucks and was hunting a good buck, but this is the worst season ive ever hunted. It will only get worse with the extended week rifle for zone 4, unless you dont mind killing 2 year old basket racks every year. I let f&w know that they will no longer receive any dollars from me or my family until they go back to shorter gun season and stop trying to thin the herd down for their bear and elk
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Aug 29, 2017
I hunt mainly SEKy and it was tough hunting. We saw very few deer and very little deer sign! Young bucks were aplenty. It hard to figure...

The ehd and extended rifle season the bozos in the f&w are to blame for that. Will be the new norm thanks to the extra week they tacked on

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