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Perfect Opening Day


6 pointer
Oct 25, 2009
Had a short hunt on Saturday. This beautiful 8 came by around 9:45. Nothing fancy. He slipped in from behind me and presented a perfect left handed quartering away shot at about 20 yards. It was a memorable day full of looking back on great memories on the farm. We lost my grandfather back in August, the man who instilled the love of the great outdoors in my father and therefore me. This year is the 30th anniversary of my 1st deer...and the 50th anniversary of my dad's 1st (time goes too darn quick!). Had to break the ol' 30-30 from the safe for this year. The gun I took my 1st deer with...a gun that was passed down from my Pap to my Dad and eventually to me. It was a great day. One I won't soon forget. Dad's still hitting it hard. Hoping his opportunity comes as well!

Whitetail Nut

6 pointer
Dec 21, 2002
Nice buck,congratulations! Time does pass way to fast. Just went on my final hunt with my Dad in Kentucky! He is 78 and just cannot walk well enough to hunt anymore. We had 15 great years hunting Kentucky together! I am grateful and thankful to still have him to talk to but hunting will never be the same!

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