Please Help By Changing Your NON-WORKING EMAIL!


8 pointer
Aug 17, 2012
I need your help. This will only take 3-5 minutes of your time and will help tremendously.

We have a great number of members that have a bad email address on file here at the forums.

This causes me to receive tons of bounced email notifications in my email inbox. It also places an extra burden / strain on our server.

Please help me with the following:

1. Please take the short time now to make SURE that you have a current "working" email address on file here at the forums. You can do so now by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to the forum home page.

HC Step 1.JPG

Step 2: Click on “Forum Actions”.

HC Step 2.JPG

Step 3: Click on “General Settings”.

Step 3 .JPG

Step 4: On the left navigation bar, click on “Edit Email & Password”.

Step 4.JPG

Final Step: Type your current password in top box, then at the bottom-type your new email in both boxes. Click “Save Changes” and you are done!

2. Once you change your email address, the forum will send you a confirmation email to your NEW email address. You must follow the instructions in that email to confirm the change, otherwise your account will be placed inactive until you do so.

Should you have problems, please contact me [email protected] for assistance. BE SURE to include your USERNAME, OLD EMAIL ADDRESS, and NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.

Starting March 01, 2013 - Members with a bad email address on file, that actually bounce an email, will have their account locked with no privileges until their email has been changed to a working email address.

THANK YOU for your immediate help in this matter!

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