Pops and what actually happened


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Aug 23, 2011
They moved him from ICU to step down. He's getting some rest now. Not eating much, the food isn't great, and he's picky as hell. But, he was much better rested today. He asked me today if they had put a stent in, and if they planned to do any more. I told him yes, and there were two more blockages they were going to take care of with stents, or angioplasty. He touched his chest, and said, "I thought they did something, because I haven't had any of those little pains I'd been having............". Grrrr, SOB. I low key gave him hell for that. He said he hadn't had many chest pains, and they were brief............. He said they did 10 minutes or more bedside therapy on his hip yesterday. He said no pains, and wants a walker to show them he's ready to roll. After 1.5 hours today, he dismissed us, lol. "Ya'll go on home. I'm going to get some sleep". He's ready to get rocking on his rehab so he can get home, and get on the water. Skeleton crew on duty today, so no answers on plans for this week. I'm calling to talk to triage nurse in the morning, and see what the plan is for this week. Pops is a tough SOB. After today, I feel like he's going to come through this with minimal set backs. Thanks to all that have had him in your prayers, the texts, calls, PM's, etc. Love this little family of caring outdoors men and women.


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May 27, 2016
I know he’ll be on thinners after his stent and that’s helpful for the concern of clots after a hip fracture. Make sure he gets or uses his incentive spirometer while he’s there and even after. Being active will be to his benefit

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