Post anything thread - piss n on lefties version



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Oct 29, 2004
Its funny, but... How long before the, democrats are doing this in America to posts they don't like ???
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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
None of it makes sense...I can only figure somewhere in the mix they are being subsidized by the gooberment for any loss in sales. After the bud light fiasco no business would thing this is a good idea.
The globalist don't care if the stores crash and burn (or any of their businesses), they own 98% of everything and this is a drop in the bucket. It's part of their destruction of morals that are the goals. They'll be happy when they own the individual and force one to submit to their god (Satan). That's what this is all about.


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Dec 19, 2017
Southern wva
I’m not gonna submit to any of their ignorance , chit will hit the fan and we will in fact have a war right here between ourselves watch and see what happens if a Republican don’t win in 2024 , if chit don’t get exposed like the BS that’s goi g on and has went on , A Republican won’t win if nothing is exposed Trump sure the hell wont win and in most folks eyes he is the only one that can change chit

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