Putin Rolling into the Ukraine


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Sep 13, 2003
Hope you are right. Somebody will though and we’ll throw our hat into the hog pen.

Every nations leaders are doing all they can to get a war. The media is pushing it. Why? It’s like they want it to happen but they want plausible deniability on whom fired first.
My question is, and could be cause for an entirely new thread, is WHY? Why does everyone want WWIII to start? To whittle down the earth's population? To bring about the New World Order? Other things? Do all the ones advocating war actually believe they will survive with 100% certainty? Ridiculous.


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
Brandon, started this with a pen-stroke. part of the NWO. destroy the US, an the world as we know it. if he had to send money to Ukraine, he wouldnt do it. OK to send tax payers money, that way he gets a cut. Brandon, wont help the US. its against his interest. congress wont neither. against theirs. that is the way it is.. the citizens have let them have too much power. too much trust. if only i could vote to give myself more money at others expense. i got a moral problem with that. you might think they would, the ones that are supposed to represent us. we vote them in, they take what they can get.
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