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Aug 31, 2012
Hey guys I was wandering what the benefits of joining a chapter are. Is it just something you do for personal satisfaction of working on projects and such? Do you guys get education from qdma? How dose one go about joining a local chapter? Do chapters receive money or equipment help from the national? I'm not trying to be a butt head just some lagit questions I have. Thanks in advance Anthony


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Jan 2, 2004
Bowling Green, KY, USA.
Everyone probably gets something different out of it. I did it for the education, both giving and receiving. I actually started our branch about 5 years ago with an ad in Craig's list. Since then I've helped with numerous youth hunts, field days, fund raising banquets, etc. it's rewarding and frustrating at the same time. I take qdm serious and nothing annoys me more than wives tales and unfounded "management facts". I mainly joined to dispel those things. I gotta say I've probably failed miserably! Lol. I can tell you that as a branch officer it is VERY difficult to get help! Wherever you live in sure your local branch would appreciate whatever you have to offer. Being a branch officer has a few perks, you get discounts on the convention and classes that they put on throughout the year. I've been to several and they are well worth the money and time to attend. If you're already a Qdma member then just email the home office and ask where the nearest branch is. We only have 4 or 5 in ky. Tell me where you live and I can probably point you in the right direction. I know about all of the branch presidents. As for money and equipment, all money comes from fundraising. Unlike some of the other conservation groups, a good percentage of the money raised at your annual banquet stays with the branch and 100% of funds raised outside of that banquet stays with the branch. Money can be used the way the branch sees fit within reason. Obviously a night at the bars would be out of the question, but anything that could be related to the mission statement would be allowed. We've sponsored school archery teams, outdoor education days at local schools, an annual military youth hunt and of course our annual field day. The field day and youth hunt usually uses most of our funds so we're Limited to what we can do. I'd love to see us get more involved with the schools especially Ag classes. Money and manpower is always a limiting factor. Good luck!

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Nov 19, 2006
Well covered by skin_dog1. A good way to experience a little more is attend the 2016 National Convention that is combined with the Field and Stream Deer & Turkey Expo this year. Just a month away!

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