Question about tobacco barns


Jul 30, 2022
Marshall County
My new property has an old tobacco barn on it. Which is really cool and awesome!

However, I've been told by a few folks that an old tobacco barn is worth serious money, but being new in town, not really sure what the deal is.

Can anyone set me straight on what the market is with these old barns, and if so inclined, how would I go about selling it, and to whom?

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
My brother restored his old tobacco barn and well, put tobacco in it. One lady in the community restored hers and hosts weddings in it.

Several people were interested in my brothers other barn. None showed up to demolish it for wood. He grabbed a trailer full off for future craft projects, took a trackhoe to it and went on with life.

Hope you find a reliable, honest bunch and get what you need.


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Jan 1, 2018
Cynthiana, Ky
If it’s in decent shape it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rent it out and put tobacco in it. Those old barns need to have the weight every now and then to keep things settled. That being said if it is In good shape I would simply look at it as a Asset to the farm. make sure the roof is in good shape and unless you’re just itching for money just leave it be


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Apr 7, 2019
No place like home
I've always thought a man could load up a couple of RR cars of that ole barn wood and take it to WY or CO and make a fortune off it. They ain't got that weathered wood out there.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
If it is 70 years old, or more, and made of oak, you could get a few thousand for it. If it's in good shape, lease it to someone that can use it.
If it’s not that old… ain’t worth much. That’s not that much. The real value is in post and beam construction. Mortis and tenon joinery. Hand hued post and beams. It has to be very old. Otherwise, it’s not worth much. Also…..a tobacco barn laying on the ground for salvagers to come pick through is worth far more than a standing structure.


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Aug 5, 2015


Jul 30, 2022
Marshall County
Any idea when it was built? Simply put……if it ain’t really really old, it is better left as a standing shed or a burn pile.
Not sure, but its standing right next to a graveyard, and the headstones are all dated fron late 1800's to the 1920's, so I'm guessing it's been hanging around for at least a century.

I'll make some time this week to get in it and take some pics.

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