So Why the 30-06?

Velvet ears

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Nov 6, 2013
West KY
One of the finest looking rifles I ever bought new was a
Remington model 742 Woods Master with basket weave checkering
on the stock and forearm. It was a 30-06 and very accurate.
I like 30-06 and it has a great following for a big game killer.
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Mine looks exactly like the photo. Dad bought it new in the early 80s. I have since took it over. Still looks brand new and a pretty good shooter too.


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
I don't believe the 3006 will ever loose its following, I own one that was my brother's but have only killed one deer with it!
I have always liked odd calibers that didn't have a hugh fan base, that said the 3006 can do about anything its put to test on!

Chuck Milam

Nov 9, 2005
Sinking Fork
I grew up in Wisconsin, where those who were lucky enough to be able to use rifles (much of the state was limited to shotgun only) were mostly .30-06 or .270, favoring the .30-06 about 3-to-1.

Here in Western KY farm country, it seems like many in my family had a .30-30 lever-action as the "farm rifle." There wasn't much deer hunting back then from 1950-1990, so the farm rifle was mostly used for pest control and livestock protection.


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Sep 24, 2008
The answer is what you started out saying. The old hunters had them they were popular in early days of hunting and have been passed down. A all around rifle for any big game. People use to only own one rifle. Plus there wasn't the choices you have now. All the magazine hunters used 30-06


Jun 7, 2021
This relates back to the Deer Rifle Poll thread.

My question for you guys: Why do you think 30-06 ends up being so popular? I picked it as top of the heap myself. Everyone at our deer camp, the entire Shamanic Dream Team, shoots 30-06. The reason is that two of the members are my sons, and are still shooting the rifles I gave them when they started hunting. Two more are guys that I got into deer hunting. SuperCore, as an example, tried a bunch of different chamberings and finally decided 30-06 gave him the best results.

Looking back over my reason for picking 30-06 goes back to the dawn of my hunting career. I had a crew of older fellows helping me into the sport. One was a veteran of The Bulge. One was a gun editor for a magazine. One was a marine armorer who owned his own gun shop. They all pointed to 30-06 as the best general-purpose rifle for hunting in North America. Here it is 40-some years later, and I still cannot seriously doubt their point.
I've killed a ton of deer with my Tikka 3006 I bought 25 years ago. This is the only gun I deer hunt with, not changing a thing.


Oct 31, 2018
Aside from what’s been mentioned above, there are other contributing factors as well. One, you can find ammo anywhere and it isn’t crazy expensive. It is as close to as a “do anything” rifle as any. Shoot light loads or 220gr bricks if you want. Plus it is trusted and most people that grew up hunting has seen its effectiveness from their elders. Personally it’s one of my favorite calibers aside from a 280ai.