Somebody’s gotta do it!


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Dec 24, 2011
Natural Bridge
Man that's just awesome. Your bow builds are some of my favorite threads on here.

X2!! This thread and Barney's are about all that keeps me coming back to the forum these days. I thought that looked like birdseye, beautiful wood but hard to find . The snake skin bow is an eye catcher too! A feller have to keep a close eye on it in the woods or you'd lose it and never find it lol.


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May 12, 2016
Corbin, Ky
* Jman; We will call the flyer planned since it made a good bow prop. I will bring the bow on the 8th if nothing hinders.
* 120+ Craftsmanship is just being dumb enough to try stuff, but thanks.
* Thomas; it’s not the shooting ability, it’s knowing when to take pictures, and when to keep phone in pocket. Thanks.
* Munson; Thank you very much.