South Africa Hunting Trip


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Aug 21, 2007
the woods
Just returned from my first South African hunting trip. We were gone almost 2 weeks. Some great hunting was done while there. Nothing like I thought it would be. Cool and rainy windy weather. Coldest morning was 39. Rained on us for 3 days with them getting almost 10 inches of rain plus some days had 40-50 mph winds. Hunted a few days close to main lodge then took a couple days and made a 2.5hr ride and a 3hr to other areas.

Day1 we hunted the plains close to the lodge getting this common springbuck. 220yd shot


Day3 we hunted about 2.5hrs away for kudu in the mountains. Kudu hunting reminds me so much of elk hunting out west. Took 2.5 days to get on this nice bull. Made a 225yd shot across a deep rocky canyon. 4 guys was 5hrs getting it out across the canyon. Great hunt for the kudu.
Kudu was the main animal I wanted to hunt on this trip.

Day5 found us farther east. We were hunting for impala or wildebeest. Saw a few on day4 but all young impala Walked up over a rise and spotted a couple rams chasing a female. He was the nicest of the 2 rams. It was a 200yd shot. Saw a few wildebeest that day but not able to get on them. One was really close to a herd of cape buffaloes so we decided to leave them alone.


Day6 found us about 3 hrs away from main lodge. Only gemsbuck we saw was on day2 while after kudu. Saw 4 that day and I missed one at 350yds across a canyon. The cross wind was about 40 mph or better that day. So day6 we went after a gemsbuck again in a different area. With less than an hour left of daylight we got on a herd and made a stalk over a 1000yds to get into about 400yds of them. No cover to get closer so took a 380yd shot. Connected but still on its feet so put another round in it. Another great hunt.


Day7 found us after a certain sable. My hunting buddy had saw this monster sable several days earlier and was saying it was a dandy so we went looking. A couple miles from where he saw it we glassed it from a high spot and made plans to stalk it. Couple hours later we was within range to make a shot. An absolute beautiful animal. The trip was amazing and would like to go again. Just unreal the different species of animals they have. I was surprised at the numbers of animals together with me thinking it would be a bunch but most times just 2-3 together at a time.


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Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run
Wow great looking animals. Thanks for sharing.

Were you able to bring any of the meat home ?

Congrats on the hunt.


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Jul 28, 2008
Awesome pics!! It looks a lot like parts of the southwest I’ve been in. What gun/scope/caliber were you shooting? I’m assuming it’s customary to tip everyone and their grandmother who helps track and pack out.


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Nov 30, 2005
Staffordsville, KY
That is just outstanding! Congrats to you and thanks for sharing. What a great adventure that had to have been. I’m also interested in the rifles you used.

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