Stupid Deer


12 pointer
Oct 18, 2005
I did have a 1.5 year old scrub come in one day when I was lowering my bow out of the stand. I didn’t see it till I had the bow down and it was dangling a couple feet off the ground spinning in circles. Little buck came up to it and starting nosing it around making it spin more. I thought that was cool till he wouldn’t leave. After a couple minutes of him walking away a couple feet and coming back I started getting various items out of my pack and dropping it on his head and back. Still stayed. Finally ran out of stuff I was willing to drop from 20 feet and started down. He ran off but hung around 30 yards away. Followed me up the hill through the woods staying about 30-50 yards away till I made my way to the field and my truck. Can’t imagine he made it too long. Never saw him again or had another encounter like that.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
There was a young 3 pt a few years ago that anytime I called, whether a grunt or rattle, he’d show up at my stand. Now, he had a tank of a body, I’ll give him that. I actually said out loud one day, “You’re lucky it’s me and not my brother hunting or you’d already be dead.” My brother hadn’t hunted all year and let us know he wanted meat and he was killing the first deer he saw on gun opener and sure enough…


12 pointer
Aug 5, 2015
I was working on my fence on my other farm. I walked down the fence and was chopping away . I looked up and here was a doe following along behind me about 70 feet. It did not pay any attention to me and a little latter, looked up and there was two of them close to me.
They are stupid because they have not had any one around and was young.


12 pointer
Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
I was at the Russell county farm scouting one year and I had a small buck come up to the back of my pick-up. He stood there while I got out of the truck and watched me pull a 30-30 out of the back. (wasn't gun season yet) He couldn't have been more than 25 ft. away. I raised the gun and took aim. He just looked at me....I started saying, "bang, bang, bang" each time a little louder - and walking toward him. He finally twisted and loped away with no real sense of urgency.

I'd bet he didn't make it through deer season that year.


6 pointer
Aug 27, 2004
Henderson, Ky, USA.
Once turkey hunting, I had a yearling buck folllow me all the way to where I sat up for the hunt. Once I got set up, the buck decided to be down right next to me. He’d allow me to actually pet him. The deer had one way you could tell him apart from any other deer. His tail had been frozen off from the previous winter. Funny thing is was two years later, he had blossomed into an 8 ptr. I knew it was him considering the deer didn’t have a tail. Needless to say, he got as pass.

Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
When I was a kid 12-13 during gun season. Leaning against a pine tree with a hollowed out spot in it. I fell asleep on a cold morning under my dark blue, wool Mexican poncho. I woke up and had a doe and a small forked 4 pointer licking my boots.

There may have been scents back then but I’d never heard of or used any. Only thing I had on my leather boots was hog crap, chicken crap or cow crap.

It scared me so bad I froze, I finally worked up the nerve to cock the hammer on the 30-30 Marlin and off they trotted, not at a dire pace.


12 pointer
Nov 13, 2003
Foster, KY, USA.
I saw where a doe impaled herself on a hay fork in my father-in-laws barn one time. I guess it slipped in through one of the side vents that was left open, freaked out when it realized it was in a barn and ran itself through one of the forks. Went right through both lungs. .


12 pointer
Apr 2, 2012
Was squirlle huntin a few years back, fell asleep leaned up against a tree, woke up and there’s a deer lookin at me. In a normal voice told the deer it better leave or I’m going to shoot it, told it 4-5 times, picked up my rifle put the crosshairs between its eyes, told the deer 4-5 more time it better leave. It never did so I had backstrap for supper that night.


12 pointer
Jul 14, 2014
Once, I was checking my Rifle, at a local rifle range. After firing a few shots, receiving good groupings @ 200 yards; I fired once more to insure I had my rifle hitting where I wanted. Well, I was ready to fire the last shot and all of a sudden my scope's view became blocked by something. I lowered my rifle, and there was a Doe standing right in front of my 200 yard target. Guess she wasn't alarmed by gun fire.