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Apr 2, 2012
I love my Costas, I was wearing Costas before they were the cool thing to have. I’ve prolly had 20 pair of them over the years. Some I’ve liked, others not so much. Won’t wear anything else


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Aug 14, 2005
Garrad County, KY
I bought some Shady Rays and the start of the summer. I have to say I like them. I broke them on vacation and took them back to the store. They gave me a new set for 10$. They will do the same if you loose them.
3M safety sunglasses are hard to beat for the money, polarized or non.....
I was wrong, I used to buy 3M but they discontinued the model so I switched to Dewalt. I take a sharpie and cover the gold Dewalt on the side. They’re non-polarized but that ain’t a deal sealer or breaker for me anyway. I’m too hard on shades to spend much.


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Jun 28, 2012
My wife bought me a pair of Revo about 7-8 years ago. Not sure how she came about that brand but they aren’t cheap and have held up well. I wear those and Shady Rays. SR is nice for the money and as stated above just pay S/H and they’ll replace. I’ve replace one pair (still have the old ones just a crack in the frame but SR didn’t care), bought my little girl a pair, and bought my wife a pair. For some reason, I’ve never been crazy about mirrored lenses. Like the dark black Risky Business/Blues Bros glasses.
Today my go-to shades are Renegade Bifocal fishing sunglasses found at Walmart or Amazon. About $19 a pair. I like the bronze lenses and the magnifier makes it easier to tie a fly on the fly rod. They are polycarbonate and UV protected, fit close enough to wear on the Harley. Cheap enough that you do not cry if you lose or break them. Most of my life, I was an avid fan of Rayban Aviators. Wore them religiously. But when that POS Joe Biden showed up wearing them, attempting to look like Douglas MacArthur, it ruined them for me. I put them away in a dark place until Joe is gone. It won't be long now.


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