Thanksgiving Morning Rabbit Hunt

Feb 7, 2021
Central KY
Met up with a buddy of mine Thanksgiving morning for a short hunt. He brought his young male for his first hunt with the pups momma and my old female. They jumped this rabbit on the edge of a dried up creek bed, drove him straight away, then brought him back to the gun. It was a great way to start our rabbit season.
Then yesterday we got out and done some more. This time it was my wife's young female Dolly's turn to sink her teeth into her first rabbit.


12 pointer
Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run
Great videos
Beagle i ran as a youngster was marked like those.
What is the name of that marking I can’t seam to remember?

Luther's Feist

10 pointer
Oct 25, 2014
Coeburn, Va
Good looking beagles. I sure miss following a pack of them around. I traded em in for Feist dogs several years ago. I always went rabbit hunting with a family member or friend on Thanksgiving no matter the weather. Thought about getting back into beagles at I e point but no longer have places to hunt.