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Dec 17, 2007
Greenup Co.
I got invested in Ryobi mainly by accident years ago. I had several of the earlier tools from Sears, and every year or so, they'd change the battery style, and the ones that fit the older tools were the same price as a new tools combo. I got tired of throwing away perfectly good tools and I heard Ryobi didn't change their batteries. I bought a drill and some batteries, and I liked them a lot. A few years later I found several Ryobi tools at a couple estate auctions, and all the sudden I had several good Ryobi tools and several good Lithium batteries and chargers for really cheap. It has grown from there. No complaints from me.
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Sep 29, 2015
The Berg
I had Dewalt for years, gave em to the kid when he bought his house. They were getting wore out but would be fine for what he would need. I bought a Makita drill and driver and hand router, and really like them. But I've bought some Ryobi stuff lately and really like them. The 5 1/2" saw is pretty dang sweet and the batteries won't take ya broke. My wife's uncle passed and I got his Milwaukee set, the only thing I don't like is they are friggin heavy. Older I get the lighter I like my cordless tools.

We have Dewalt and Milwaukee both at work, and I'll grab the Dewalt every single time because of the weight difference.


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Dec 30, 2017
Have all Dewalt at home. Use nothing but HILTI at work but they are provided by company. Would switch over to Milwaukee but have too much money invested in Dewalt batteries to justify the change.


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
was, ya could buy, the batteries on line, to replace them, inside the pact. since goofle owns the internet, might be hard to find. lightweight is a personal energy saver. i got to admit some tools are getting lighter though. the last DeWalt drill i got, light, 20volt, ever-time i stopped drilling, it stopped so fast the chuck would come loose. i hope they have improved. my Milwaukee drill i bought in the 90s, plug-in, 1/2 bit, is still going strong, 30 years. it has been more dormant, since the invent of battery drills, but, it will be a great hand me down, if the electric last, from power stations. no fossil fuels, no solar or wind power..
it dont run on wood power.