Trump is done.


12 pointer
Sep 23, 2016
Your coming around to the hard facts's every man for himself. The Republic is basically lost, rotten from the inside.
Up until Twitter I thought we had some time. I knew 2016 Russia Hoax was just that, Hunters laptop was an oh well but all the new COVID election changes, Democrat cheating strategies, our own government conspiring. A media that is also manipulated. It’s to much to overcome. The fish rots from the head and there is no question that it is beyond saving. I am Gregg and this is my world! FJB and F the democrats!


12 pointer
Oct 11, 2005
Maybe maybe...there is hope? Read this just now, its the first article in American Thinker today.
Those who have controlled and cheated us are scared to death at this point.. the information floodgates are hemorrhaging right now and they can't get the flow stopped. Fear tactics and keeping us in the dark with the MSM propaganda machine is all they ever had..


12 pointer
Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Asa Hutchinson said today that he would do ever in his power to prevent Trump from being president again…….LMFAO!!!!!!!

Who the eff is he? He is the swamp that will destroy the republican party. Along with several other “leaders”.