Trump is done.


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
Here’s the thing about these polls. If I poll the ghetto I get much different results than if I poll moderates or if I only poll a certain segment that frequents a certain site that caters to folks who hold more extreme positions. Polls aren’t very reliable or accurate unless you spend a great deal of time and money evaluating your sample population for bias. Hillary trouncing Trump was the gold standard for population bias in polls.

High Rack

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Dec 21, 2009
in the hills
You just feel bad because you got conned and suckered by a Mob boss
Life was real good under Trump, everyone was prospering, the economy was in overdrive, and the list goes on, not to mention the continuous crying that was going on by the left, Hell, lake mead was filling back up due to the flood of tears. Now we see nothing but worry and despair, people are canceling vacations by the thousands per day, no one wants to work, a happy meal is damn near 10 bucks, parents worried about their kids life going forward, it's a fucking Utopia according to the slow one, but yes, America is full of suckers, and that to is about to end.

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