Viewing pictures in the field?


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Oct 17, 2004
Ok guys here is my question, how are you guys viewing your trail cam pics? In the woods or are you switching cards out and taking them home? I'm asking this because I have been switching them out for years and I hate when I drive 30 minutes home only to see that I should have moved that camera because it's in a crappy location but now I have to wait until next weekend to move it. I have been looking at smart pads because they are small and light weight. Prices range from $100-800(not going the $800 route!). BUT! None of the cheaper ones have a USB port, they either have a micro USB or a micro SD slot. Now, I know the micro SD card will work but I'm not going to convert all of my SD cards to micro cards because that will be $300+ alone with all my cards! SO! Here is another question, is anyone using these smart pads with the micro USB cord to a regular USB then using a USB card reader? I hope I didn't just confuse everyone! I just want something smaller than a laptop but big enough to see what's on the pics. Plus I got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket! Let me know what your using!


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Jun 17, 2009
I used my small camera but quite using it because it would not read over 2G and I have a lot 8G now. I bought a Moultrie card reader and like it and it's pretty cheap. Only one thing I don't like about it is that it takes about 3 seconds to go from one picture to the next. So viewing 1000 pictures take a little time. It also have a big screen and zoom makes it a plus.
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Dec 15, 2009
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I bought a generic card reader on eBay for my iPad for $5. If more than less than 500 pics it doesn't take very long at all. If you have closer to 1,000 it may take closer to about 5 minutes. You can also select to delete all photos from the card as they are being downloaded. I like this method way better than taking the cards back to the house. I also you it when I first set up my cams in a new location. After I get it set up I will walk in front of it to get a couple pics and then check the card to make sure I have a good view of the area I am wanting to see.


Nov 21, 2013
Frankfort, KY
I'll take my laptop out with me, copy all of the pictures over to my trail cam folder, format the card, and get out of dodge. Takes about 3 minutes per camera.
Dec 2, 2013
I recently faced the same dillema when the point and shoot camera I was taking to the field bit the dust. I have a sumsung smart phone that's android based. I researched card readers online and found one for $25 that didn't require any mods to my phone to view pics. I plug the card reader in my phone and pics are viewable instantly. I can blow them up for a better view and delete them when finished.
There are other options for tablets that convert usb to mini usb(or whatever they've coined it) and you can use a standard card reader. I was a litte intimadated by all the technical terms. However, a little research and amazon reviews of the products had me back on track in no time. Now I don't have to worry about extra electronics in the field. I already have my phone with me, so it was the perfect solution.


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Sep 25, 2005
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I swap out cards, but I live on the same farm so its not a big deal to go back to move, but I do pack a small laptop, while I can drive back, but when i'm out walking or it is wet, I switch the cards out. I have learned to really prep my areas, but still have unforeseen problems, got one out now that triggers around 1 pm till around 3 pm, that I have to move, I have looked into a card reader but laptop is small enough for now. it is devoted only to hunting.

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Sep 2, 2012
Logan County
Not sure what cams you run. Personally I set up a cam and do a walk by and have it take my picture then view the picture on the trail camera to check my aim on the initial set up after that I just swap cards.

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