WHAT have YOU been doing Today??


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Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
Finished replacing a deck ,I made 20 yrs ago. Pretty much had to replace everything.
I did it by myself,worked on it for about two weeks. The gazebo,I had one of my daughters and her husband
help me put it up.
deck redo may 23.jpg


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Sep 9, 2012
Butler co
Took off yesterday and rest of the week. Fished yesterday. Took the wife out for supper. Been bushogging past 3 hours. Enjoying a cold beverage then I’m going to start on building a bucket filter for my 100 gallon bait tank I’m setting up in my shop. Tomorrow some bluegill are going to get the knife.


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Aug 15, 2005
Newport, KY


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Aug 5, 2015
I stink like diesel, we had fuel problems, and my tractor didn't have enough power to pull a set of harrows.
Change the filter and thought we would be back working but NO NO. Had to drain all my diesel and clean the tank and blow out the lines
from the tank. I have no idea how all the stuff gets in that tank. Just got r done after 10 pm tonight.
My son seemed to find other things that just had to be done and left me by myself to do the fixing :( They are going to miss me some day
when I decide to take off and go fishing and not tell them where I am going.


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Aug 5, 2015
@bigbonner was that algae in the tank? The Giverment forced the refineries to remove Sulfur from the diesel, now it grows in the fuel tank unless you add algaecide to it.
I found out about this the hard way also.
I don't know how but there will be small pieces of grass stems, dirt and junk that gets in the tank somehow. The tank does not leak but has a small breathing tube behind the tank and I guess that it draws it in through the tube. I have had to clean the top parts above my fuel filter and it would be full of stuff that won't pass on to the filter.
This tractor I use a lot and I put fuel in it often. The algae will grow in tanks that sit for a long time. I use killem diesel treatment in my tanks and my small tractor that sits for a while.
That algae is some bad stuff and can mess pumps up and cause all sorts of problems. I replaced a injector pump on a Fergueson tractor for a neighbor and the tractor sat all winter long. It twisted the pump up inside.

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