WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South
Well I rolled up 30 rolls of hay yesterday afternoon. I was "thinking" about cutting more, but the weather guessers have forecast rain for next 10 days.
I guess I will drop the Fluffer and put the hay spear on to haul this hay to the stack.

And it's already raining here again. DamJohnsongrass is gonna be 20 feet tall before long.


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Dec 13, 2005
The END!!!!


Pictures are in wrong order,
I put this cab from a 1 ton truck on my k20 frame, with the 454 engine....


Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
How much for a string of red ? Cayenne is my weakness.
They were rotting before they turned on the plants. Beat all I ever seen. Ive just been picking them almost ripe, leaving a long stem and they are turning on the dental floss.

If you are local I’ll give you a few hundred. You can have a thousand if you pick ‘em yourself. Today we gave away a Walmart sack of tomatoes, sack of jalapeños, poblanos, watermelons, and a garbage bag of cucumbers. I still have about 70 tomatoes on my porch after I finished making salsa.

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