WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

Vacuum sealed up 60 pounds of ground brisket at lunch I snatched up last night for $3.39.
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Apr 2, 2012
Maybe almost as much as a deli manager at a Buc-ees gas station? 😅

We were looking at this the other night at work...

Capt on cruise ship holding an unlimited master upon oceans better get about 3-4 times that. Out here someone holding a 1600grt w/ 10,000gt upon oceans license day rates are between $850-1200/day and that’s just running supply boats. Add in the unlimited license running something like a cruise ship, super tanker, RORO, or big freighter, they better be making some serious bank.


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Oct 11, 2005
Old salty ham fat is what we used on cuts, a nail in the foot or if we had a thorn stuck in that couldn't be dug out.
Tape a piece if old ham on it and leave it overnight and most usually the thorn was out or slid out easy. With a nail it would take the soreness right out overnight.
Yes sir! A piece of salty fat will also draw a burgeoning boil to a head to be squoze overnight.
What you do @drakeshooter
You just unthaw and make burgers or you put in chili or what?
Looks good
Yep. I bought 20 pounds a month ago that I pressed into 1/3 pound patties that I unthaw and smash for burgers, this is 2-1/4 to 2-3/4 pound packages I use for soup, chili, lasagna, etc. Brisket beats down chuck @ $3.99 there so I’m all in.