WHAT have YOU been doing Today??


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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
Drinking coffee this morning enjoying the view from my couch. View attachment 109368
Once the snow stops ill be plowing my driveway and likely the neighbors as well. View attachment 109369
Sure is pretty. View attachment 109370 View attachment 109371

Get those kids out there and let them clean the roads ... Daddy's are for bossing kids around! You already know they're plenty smart enough to run a plow.

And congratulations to them both and to you, for raising two great kids. 👍


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Nov 17, 2007
Pendleton and Campbell County Ky
Drinking bourbon on my third one
Bourbon and coke for me. Im keeping warm, watching bills bengals game.
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Tom Threetoes

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Oct 4, 2002
southern Indiana.
I have one of those heaters. Care to share how you did that?
I used some old scrap aluminum and fabricated a shelf over the heater and attached it with cable ties. The tricky part is getting the distance above the heater far enough to prevent too much heat from burning the fan motor up they're good for a bit above 600 degrees. I'm not sure it moves enough air to do the job. Further testing is needed.

Luther's Feist

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Oct 25, 2014
Coeburn, Va
Been replacing a commode that cracked and was leaking. Wouldn't ya know always more than one problem. Line broke off below the cutoff valve and didn't have enough line left to push it far enough through the floor to attach a new one so had to crawl under the house and put a new piece of line in. That was no problem or so I thought, until I went to get a new piece of line, the type line uses which I can't spell had been discontinued so I needed a shark bite to join another kind of line to it. Well as luck would have it went to 3 different stores and none of them had a shark bite in 1/2 inch. All said they had sold out during the last big freeze and we're having trouble getting new ones in. Finally located the one I needed went and got it and finally got it fixed. Simple job ended up taking all day.