What If, another civil war


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Jul 14, 2014
It wouldn’t be north vs south. It will be coastal areas vs inland states. IMHO. It will be blue coats vs red coats though. Sooner or later it will happen if someone can’t bring our country together and stop the politicians from dividing this nation. We have lost the common ground that once united us...
Also, I believe we're on the brink of a war between Conservatives & Liberals. Just look at all the violence going on all over our country. Reminds one of what went on in Nazi Germany, before and during WW-2, as read in the history books. If this becomes worse expect Marshal Law!!


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
If there is to be a "hot" civil war, after we beat up on each other for a bit, that'll allow China, Russia and South America to just waltz right in without much effort and take the country.

It's an old tactic--let your enemies beat up on each other and come in and clean up.

Watch the short clip and better understand it.


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Oct 11, 2005
Civil war is scary as hell to me guys. I'm one that's not afraid of anything, but I fear that the basement dwellers would annihilate us. There's no telling what kind of secret weaponry they have hidden under their pink puss hats.
Anyone seen Rodney King lately?

Last known photo.



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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
I personally don't see it going any other way!
No better time than now in my opinion, Mattis is in charge of the military and Trump is president! I would rather take my chances with these Two on my side.
Antifi needs they're asses handed to them in black bags!
The only reason I say that is it appears that the coastal states are where the far left gravitates toward. Of course it’s not absolute by any means. Maybe it would have been better to word it as the far west coast and north eastern states as well as some around the Great Lakes. There just seems to be a clear divide to me. I don’t think it will be Muslim vs Christian though. I think it will be based on beliefs such as abortion, right to bear arms, right to work, immigration, homosexuality, MAGA, etc... There are plenty of people who call themselves Christians who fall on both sides of these issues. Not to say that all of these are biblical issues, they are not. I just see that the word Christian does not describe the same group of people in this country as it did 40 years ago or even in the first century. I pray Christ comes again before it gets much worse and that all will come to repent, obey the gospel and remain faithful until that time or until death.

Most of the NAZI's also claimed to be Christians too in 1936. They even wore the Teutonic Cross and the Maltese cross on their war machines and uniforms. They saw their cause as a great crusade to rid Europe of a plague of lessor races because they were of the Arian race, the master race destined to lead the world. They were willing to do whatever it took to win and then maintain power. By the time the good Germans woke up and realized what was happening, they had lost their freedom and were slaves to Hitler and his minions. The Antifa thugs (brown shirts) and the absolute willingness of the Democrats to do anything to win and keep power is similar if not the same. And yet they would shout loudly and call the Republicans Nazis. If it were not so deadly serious, it would be laughable. We are not in a violent civil war at this time, but if cooler heads do not prevail, it could deteriorate into such a conflict. The ballot box and your votes are all that prevent such anarchy. Vote for those who would preserve the Republic and not seek to tear it down and fundamentally change America as Obama and his minions would. He is still pulling the strings in the back rooms of DC. His minions are deeply embedded into every facet of government and are willing to break every law, bend every rule and do whatever it takes to regain power including a coup. They must be stopped.

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