What If, another civil war


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Jan 7, 2002
Ledbetter, Ky.
Most of the NAZI's also claimed to be Christians too in 1936. They even wore the Teutonic Cross and the Maltese cross on their war machines and uniforms. They saw their cause as a great crusade to rid Europe of a plague of lessor races because they were of the Arian race, the master race destined to lead the world. They were willing to do whatever it took to win and then maintain power. By the time the good Germans woke up and realized what was happening, they had lost their freedom and were slaves to Hitler and his minions. The Antifa thugs (brown shirts) and the absolute willingness of the Democrats to do anything to win and keep power is similar if not the same. And yet they would shout loudly and call the Republicans Nazis. If it were not so deadly serious, it would be laughable. We are not in a violent civil war at this time, but if cooler heads do not prevail, it could deteriorate into such a conflict. The ballot box and your votes are all that prevent such anarchy. Vote for those who would preserve the Republic and not seek to tear it down and fundamentally change America as Obama and his minions would. He is still pulling the strings in the back rooms of DC. His minions are deeply embedded into every facet of government and are willing to break every law, bend every rule and do whatever it takes to regain power including a coup. They must be stopped.

Been saying that for a few years now.


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Sep 25, 2005
Robertson Co.
All this is explained in revelation. It’s hard to understand, but if you get a knowledgeable person to explain it. You can see It is all taking place right in front of our eyes. Only thing that is certain is. IT WILL GET WORSE, ALOT WORSE. After Trump is gone the left will get one of there twisted minions in there, that will make Obama look like a Girl Scout. Will reverse everything Trump and the republicans fixed and more. You are all saying America will be lost. America is already lost. Only thing still around that’s the same is our great Flag, the land, and a piece of paper called the constitution. The words on it have been perverted and worked around and misrepresented so much it is now worthless for the most part. If Washington, Jefferson, or any of the founding fathers saw what we have now, well, they would blow there tops. I am an American but my America is far diff then what we have in Washington. I proudly voted for Trump. Mainly because he wasn’t bought and paid for, pro 2nd Amendment, anti abortion, and for the wall.

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