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Aug 5, 2015
Here is my experience with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters.

Hunted last year
I have twin boys 14yo at the time. Booked a double hunt youth weekend. Wife and I went up for a nice weekend with the boys. Lodge looks amazing on the internet. We show up and our room is down in the basement with about 12 other people. 1 bathroom 1 shower for 12 people. Luckily we had our own room, it was adjacent to the raised floor, mirror walls and brass striper pole with dollar bills glued on the floor.

Anyway on with the hunting story:
We are dropped off at a farm in the morning. We hunt, didn't see anything return to the lodge. When we are ready to go back out for the afternoon we are told our guide left and went to another lodge to help clean deer. So we are given an address and drive back out there ourselves. When we get back into the same blind we hunted in the am we see some orange ribbons way back in the woods. We hear a few deer but can't see anything, poor blind location.

When we return to camp that evening we talk with the guy in charge and ask where else we could hunt since we didn't see anything and the blind location was horrible. He pulls out a map of the farm and there are 3-4 other stands, nothing in the woods where we saw the orange ribbons. So the next morning we hunt one of the other stands close to where the blind was, again didn't see a thing. when we get down we walk into the woods about 100yds where we saw the orange ribbons. There is a bow stand and a videographer stand side by side on a tree, 20yds away the ground is worn out from deer eating corn and a salt block. We hunted that set up in the afternoon figuring it was our last hunt and worth a shot.

So my take on it was it was a poorly ran outfit. They had hidden stands for the big wigs that come into town and pay big money to hunt and shoot big deer and advertise for them. Then they put the common folk in shit locations and have them scout the farm for them. If we said we saw a big buck in the woods I guarantee someone would be in that stand with a camera crew the next day.

Anyway, we returned home with tags in hand, out our $4,500 we spent on bad food, lodging, and even worse deer hunting.

I would not recommend them to anyone.
For $4500 you could have leased a farm for deer season to hunt on.


May 2, 2022
Stay away! He got me for $500 on a spring turkey hunt earlier this year April 2020. I talked to the farmer he leased from and the farmer said I haven’t seen or heard turkeys around here in years. He also said he didn’t want to release his farms to Tevis again but couldn’t pass up the 10k$$. Where did this guy get his money to start such a business?? The farmer also said that most if not all of the people didn’t like him after they leased their farms to him but know guys like us can’t give them what he does. Sounds like he’s ruining the sport across Kentucky if you ask me. I’d never go on a hunt with him or WHO again. Lesson learned I guess. I hope Meade county runs him back to Nicholasville or wherever he’s from. STAY AWAY
Has anyone bother to report him and his Outfitters business (if you call it that) to the state wildlife ageny??? Or check to see if he has outfitter license to operate I'm state

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