Yes, Your Taxpayer Dollars Were Filtered Through Ukraine, Into FTX, and Then Used to Fund Democrat Campaigns


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Feb 18, 2014
All these useless wars we were into over the last 20 years. Some $$ got to our troops, some to allies, but billions probably went to politicians and certain groups. Makes sense now. So now our tax revenue is nothing but a slush fund for communist,socialist, criminals. Unbelievable. Can't wait till their judgement day.
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Maybe not “comfortably” but definitely.
This is being called the “scam of the century” by some, bigger than Enron and yet outside of Fox News who has it currently #2 headline story on their web site it’s crickets from CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC on their web site headline stories. Wonder why the propaganda wing of the DNC, the socialist/communist/Marxist loving lamestream media is burying the “scam of the century” unless they’re worried about where it leads? I’m old enough to remember when the lamestream media went after the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski like flies on a summertime dog pile but I bet you a shiny new dime today’s state propaganda machine would bury it.


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