Your coming mark of the beast


12 pointer
Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
This was a commercial aired sometime during a Super Bowl around 1999 to 2003. Something like that-don’t remember, but I do remember this commercial. And thinking we’re being set up for the mark of the beast sometime in the near future. I haven’t forgotten this commercial.

They love to tell you what’s coming and even rub it in your face. But it’s so cool and trendy, right?

Now, here’s what’s happening in London. Get your coming mark! What could go wrong? It’s all loving. Don’t worry, that Bible stuff was all written by man and not real.



12 pointer
Jul 21, 2009
At the workbench, Kentucky
Interesting....I'm not into organized religion but did find this interesting as well. I didn't know that religion was "changeable"....who knew.
I see this as a start to the pivot, 5 years they'll be blessing it.


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