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I live 2.5 hours from Knox. Have hunted it since 1992, but not hardcore. A friend of mine used to be the provost marshal there. We are thinking about hunting deer again this year, after a 6 year hiatus. When the time comes, could you recommend a couple areas we might at least see deer? I have killed deer in 74, 112, 48, 79, 81, 6, 3, 18. I'd love to hear your input. Thank you!
I'll send a PM........I drafted a response and it wouldn't let me post. Said "too many characters".
Sorry I missed your question about my ambassadeur reels, I a couple 5000s, a 5500 and a 1500. Have no clue what to ask for them, give me a call and we'll bargain. 2702102544
How much for the 1500?.

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