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Good Evening,

Would you mind me asking which Western Auto you got that gun at? My Grandfather owned the one in Russell Springs.
trust me when I say 5-8000 an acre(at auction) is pretty much the going land prices in south central KY like barren, Metcalfe, Allen, etc ........if you listed the property with a realtor rural farm land is 8-10,000 per cent . and you pay the broker, not the buyer , typically. If you told people what county you were in you would get better feedback.
How do like that Konus .Ihave looked at those well ,do they have a focus ring to focus for your each individuals eyes and does it have a good eye relief?
I like it alot, yes you can focus to your eyes, the eye relief is pretty good I put it on a picatinny rail on a mossburg 500 20 ga.
I bought 2 different red dots and the dots were blurry for me.
I have a Beretta that has 2 barrels, one for water fowl, and a shorter barrel for upland game. It's a really nice semi-auto, but if you're looking for a polymer gun, it's nice wood forwards and back. Every time I try to reply, I get an "error". PM me if interested.


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